She is rising can you feel it?
Born from the chaos the feminine is rising now; in our world, in our time, today, yesterday, and tomorrow, she is rising. The turbulence and fear we are experiencing individually, locally, and globally can be compared to those pains of giving birth. Yes, we are in darkness but it is not the darkness of the tomb but of the womb. Love is returning and right now is a time calling for great courage and trust.
In less than a month I can find two breathtaking examples of the return of the feminine to this planet. Both of these examples have had global impact.
On this Womb Magic Wednesday, I encourage you to enter your heart and journey down to your womb. It is time for those who are awakened to awaken their magic. You wild one are magic and it is found in your womb. I am here to help you remember and to learn how to use that magic to enrich your life and humanity.
I leave you with these two examples as a reminder.
The breathtaking peaceful rising of women and men worldwide standing for themselves and each other.

Beyonce Performing at the Grammys 2017 from Jade on Vimeo.

And with Beyonce who on Sunday at the Grammys fully embodied the Goddess, the feminine rising and returning.


“Baptize me, now that reconciliation is possible. If we’re gonna heal, let it be glorious. 1,000 girls raise their arms. Do you remember being born? Are you thankful for the hips that cracked? The deep velvet of your mother and her mother and her mother? There is a curse that will be broken.
You and me could move a mountain
You and me could calm a war down
You and me could make it rain now
You and me could stop this love drought”
Close your eyes and take that it. Feel the magic reaching out to you. Let it all the way into your wombs. It doesn’t matter whether you physically still have a womb, no longer have one, or never did. The center is still there and it is your source of power, let the magic in. One last thought that I have to share with you. A truth that has kept hidden for centuries; the secret of the ages –  you are the magic. My loves it is and always has been you. You are the magic.