Sometimes life is louder than our inner knowing. I’ve gathered 3 ways to help you to tune into your intuition for those times when you just can’t seem to hear that inner truth.

Every little breath you take is magic.

One of the most important elements in magic is breath. There are many ways to use breath to support your healing, centering, and manifestations. The first and most crucial of these is to remember to breathe, the next is to breathe mindfully.

Neuroscientist are discovering that the rhythm of breathing co-ordinates electrical activity across different areas of your brain and that it can enhance the brain’s functioning, especially in smell, memory, and emotions.

I love when science catches up with magic. I could go on and on about the power of breath but for now just remember this. The next time you feel tossed around by life and unable to connect with yourself, stop whatever you are doing and breathe. Breathe slowly, steadily, and deliberately.

Try this circular breathing: Breathe in, hold the breath, and breathe out. Repeat the cycle. It helps to count.

Example: Inbreath 1,2,3. Hold breath 1,2,3. Outbreath 1,2,3. Hold breath 1,2,3. Inbreath 1,2,3. Hold breath 1,2,3. Outbreath 1,2,3. etc.

Continue this cycle of circular breathing until you feel your body relax into the breath. If you feel dizzy stop for a moment and then resume. Tune in and listen. Keep breathing in whatever rhythm is natural for you, stop the counting, and listen. Breath in, listen. Hold, listen. Breath out, listen.

When we are anxious or in fear the tendency we all have is to get stuck in our head. We use our logic to try and figure out a solution. We are searching for answers, guidance, relief. We may reach out to a higher power and pray, or turn inside and try to meditate and then get frustrated when we don’t receive anything. We may run scenarios over and over looking for solutions and usually what we end up doing is thinking instead of feeling.

Next time you find yourself hashing and rehashing and getting frustrated as you are looking for answers that just won’t seem to come.

Try this: Cut off the outside stimuli. Close our eyes. Rub your hands together rapidly heating them up. Press your palms gently against your closed eyes. Breathe deeply in and out. Next press each index finger against your ears cutting off outside sound. Tune into the beating of your heart, try to hear your heartbeats. Breathe. Drop your awareness out of your head and into your heart center. Drop into your heart, center in your heart. Breathe into your heart, then breath out of your heart. Do it again and again. Stop and listen in that heart space. Listen to the wisdom of the heart. Get out of the head and into the heart. Breath and listen.

Stop, Drop, and Roll

Scenario: You’ve tried the above techniques and they worked for you. You tried them several times and they work great every time. Then something happens that really knocks you for a loop. You feel sideswiped and nothing you do seems to help. Your life is on fire and it feels like there is no way to get connected to your intuition to hear what to do. It’s life and I can promise you it will happen sooner or later to you. When it does it helps to have a backup plan.

It’s part of the human condition, those unexpected events that leave us completely knocked down not knowing which way is up. When your go to techniques don’t seem to be working. Here’s one that will. And as with any emergency plan it is best to practice it now so when you need it you’ve got it figured out ahead of time.

I call it – Stop, Drop, and Roll.

Stop: Stop what you are doing and focus on your breathing. Do the circular breathing cycle as describe in #1. Breath in and out slowly, steadily and deliberately. Listen.

Drop: Drop into your heart as described in #2. Cut off the outside stimuli. Drop into your heart, then breath into and out of your heart. Listen.

Roll: Your hips. Get up onto your feet. Plant those feet firmly onto the ground hip length apart. Feel your feet dropping into the earth, deeply connecting you into the core of the planet. Slowly push your hips forward, then to the side, to the back, to the side, and forward again. Slow, super-duper slowly make large hip circles. Imagine you are in a box and you are pushing the walls of that box away from you. Did I say to go slow? Slow, large, fluid hip circles, around and around and around. Breathe as you circle those hips. Drop your awareness into your heart, breathe from your heart still circling your hips.Then drop your awareness into your womb. Breathe into your womb as you continue to circle your hips. Breathing in and out of your womb.

Then listen. Stop moving and listen. Your answer will be there.

Now all you have to do is trust the message you hear.