Can you hear yourself through all the noise going on around you in the world right now?

My soul has been a little topsy-turvy this week. I am highly sensitive to the energies around me and we humans have been bombarded this week, it’s no wonder many of us sensitives have felt off kilter. I’ve been very aware to stay focused in love and on love and found that helped tremendously. Yet… Something has still felt constricted and I’ve questioned what that something is.

Here’s what I think is being asked of us: The song ‘Silent Night’ has been calling out to me. The stillness, quiet and calm that song invokes for me is calling me into that soft still dark space. That feminine void. The still and silent night. That word Silent has swirled around me. The need to get still, grounded, and centered, and then to get still, grounded, and centered, again and again. We are being called to approach the world with a silent heart. Which is a heart that is receptive, a heart that is open to intuition and inspiration, a heart that can hear its own truth above the clamor of the crowds, the media noise, the bombardment of fear and dissonance being thrown at us from every direction. Silencing all the outside commotion, listening into the stillness and heeding what comes forward can bring us great blessings.

I was just brought to tears watching someone’s personal video gone viral on Facebook. In the video she recapped a profound experience she had following her inner guidance. She was going grocery shopping and noticed a homeless man outside the market. She heard a voice inside her heart telling her that this man loved bananas. She went in and picked him up a bunch of bananas. She then felt that his body needed sustenance in the form of protein so she found him some items that wouldn’t perish and would fit in his backpack. She then thought to herself how it was cold outside and wouldn’t fried chicken from the deli be nice on his stomach, a little something warm and nourishing.

But the voice in her heart said no he needs protein that can fit in his back pack. A little confused she struggled with that idea for a moment but gave in and bought the bananas and protein for this man. As she went outside and gave the man the items another woman approached him with a bag as well. Noticing the man had just been given a bag of food this other woman said to him “well it must be your lucky day, here is some fried chicken. I thought you might like something warm to eat.” The woman telling the story went on to relate to us, the viewers, her message which was not only about the power of listening and heeding intuition, but how very loved this man was no matter how lost he might be. I add this to her story – my amazement of the universe telling her he loved bananas. Now that is a personal love and it’s there for us all.

Give yourself a gift and in the next couple of days drop into that space of ‘Silent Night – Silent Heart’. When you do you will be better able to let in the messages that are there for you and also to let in the unfathomable love that has been wanting to get your attention. That love is all around you, waiting for you to take notice. It’s already there without you even needing to ask. That love is yours, it always has been and it always will be. I cannot tell you how much this Universe loves you. I can feel it and testify to it. But it is beyond my meager skills to vocalize the fullness and nuances of it. Lucky for us, it is not beyond you to feel it, if you just drop into your ‘Silent Night – Silent Heart’.

(This post and the Love Wins post were both emails written in December prior to Christmas. I am being called to share them again with you as the messages here were given to help prepare us for the fear and turbulence we are now facing.)