As you know we are entering an age of awakening and bringing more light and love onto this planet. Like the legendary phoenix rising from the ashes, the feminine is rising. Her spirit inside of your soul is awakening. From the ashes of a world that no longer serves us, her / your soul is rising out of the flames. Flames of loss, sorrow, abandonment, grief, betrayal, and oh so much more. You are the phoenix and you can arise from the ashes reborn.

I designed the Mystery School to remind you of who you really are and how to use the power you were born with. To not only activate the stellar codes of creation you were born with but to give you new codes and ways of being. To teach you how to use that feminine power which has been forbidden and hidden from us for centuries. I will assist you and hold the space for you to rise from the ashes and soar into and create a bright new future. I call you forward to awaken, to remember, to step into your power and the brand new world that you are here to help create. You are love, and you are essential. We are the ones we have been waiting for. Rise up woman, one more time, rise and soar.

There is a knowledge that has been hidden from people for centuries. It is the existence of the divine feminine and our connections to her. Over the centuries there has been hidden and forbidden wisdom and magic passed down from keeper to keeper. In my Mystery School I am sharing with you the pieces that have been given to me

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