Today, I offer you an Amuse-bouches – just a small taste to remind you of a truth that is crucial for us all right now: Love Wins. In these crazy times where we are bombarded with messages of fear and instability-it is more important than ever before to remember where to hold our focus and where to place our thoughts.

Before Christmas I was in Venice, California walking along the canals looking at Christmas lights with two girlfriends. As we weaved in and out of the canals, we approached a darkened bridge we needed to cross. Standing in the middle of the bridge were two men having a smoke. It was one of those moments where your radar goes up and starts assessing, “Is this a dangerous situation?” My friends were in front of me and already headed up the bridge. As I followed behind, the men began talking to us in a flirtatious manner. I could feel my friend in the lead’s energy closing in protectively- but still maintaining a friendly attitude. By the time I arrived up the bridge everyone was smiling and engaged in funny conversation. As my friends continued on their way, I passed by the men and one of them joyously proclaimed, ”Love wins!” and high fived me. I excitedly responded, ‘Yes it does!” Then his friend chimed in “Love always wins’ and the first man echoed ‘Love wins!” and I returned, “Yes!”

As we exited the bridge and turned the corner I heard a faint call of how nice it was to meet us. We walked on and saw a house lit up with a peace sign and in front of it a giant sign that read LOVE. I stopped my friends saying, “You know I can’t stop thinking about those men. Did you hear what they said? I think they were Angels telling us something. You know what’s on my wall at home? LOVE WINS!!!

I have a sign at home right above my sofa that reads, LOVE WINS. Because it does.

I share that story with you to remind you to stay focused on the love and on the peace. We will make it through these times. The support and love is swirling all around us. There are earth angels everywhere and it’s our choice to remember and to spread the Love forward. Gorgeous wild ones- Love wins. Love always wins.

If you are ready to begin to receive the love available to us all, to intuitively open up to the messages of love that are everywhere, then it is time to allow your inner feminine to begin to work her magic in your life.

There may be much fear in our world right now, but there is also much love. It’s your choice which of these energies you invite into your world. I am here and excited to help you access the love you possess inside your very soul, and to unlock your inner feminine.

(This post and the Silent Night – Silent Heart post were both emails written in December prior to Christmas. I am being called to share them again with you as the messages here were given to help prepare us for the fear and turbulence we are now facing.)