I want to introduce you to a new offering I have for you called Womb Magic Wednesdays.

Womb Magic Wednesdays are all about your feminine power and the seat of that power your womb, your magic, and your intuition. Every Wednesday, I will dive deep into subjects like your magic, your intuition, your power, money, abundance, healing, love, twin flames and much, much more.

For today, let me show you what I am in the process of manifesting. Mystical travel.

One of my first stops was in the mystical and magical Southern California desert, where I was “taking the waters” at Desert Hot Springs. I stayed at one of the only places on earth where both hot and cold natural mineral springs come bubbling to the surface in the same location. It is a spot where magic and healing meet in balance and harmony. An earthly representation of what I believe is one of our most important lessons in the coming months. Unity.

My hotel had the mineral springs open all day and night. I was charmed by soaking in the hot springs at night and staring up at the vast starry sky and I wanted to try to capture some of the magic I was experiencing. I shot a video for you on my phone, it was night and low light so the quality isn’t the best. I am sharing it with you regardless of the quality because I want you to pay attention to the first moments of the video. I captured something mysterious. Watch closely near the top of the video. In the fist few seconds, you will see it. It wasn’t a piece of dust, a light reflection or a bug as it also shows up in a couple other videos I took at the same time and in different spots. Like I said, it’s the mystical desert, so of course, there has to be some magic zipping around. What I love is that my intent while I was shooting, was to share some magic with you, and voila, there it was. (I seem to be adept at capturing things that we can’t see with the naked eye. I’ll share more with you later) The video is a perfect symbol of ask and receive.

Going deeper, my thoughts today are on manifesting and on paying careful attention to what we are creating moment by moment. Remember, you are a powerful creator. Much more powerful than you give yourself credit for.

As a powerful creator, it is important for you to be reminded that what you pay attention to grows. I want to caution you to take heed of the chaos and turbulence going on in the world around you and how much of your time you spend focusing on it. It is essential that you spend more time focusing on what you want to have in your life rather than what you don’t want. Stay informed as to what is happening in the world take action when your soul calls you to take action. But do not stay a moment longer in the news and opinions jangling around you than is necessary for you to get the proper information you need for your life. We no longer have the luxury of not being informed on what is happening in the world but we also don’t have the luxury of swirling around for extended periods in the fear and anger that is everywhere.

Fear’s objective is to divide us from ourselves, from our source, and from each other. If we want to turn lemons into lemonade our objective must be love and unity. It starts at home and in our hearts. It is crucial to practice self-love and self-care. It is equally crucial to extend that care into loving kindness to others. And to always focus and then re-focus on our desired creations. As someone said to me recently “We need to keep our eyes out of the ditch and back onto the road.” What is it you desire? What magnificent creation are you calling forth? Swirl around in that more than anything else.

Focus on what you want to create. When life comes at you, as it will and you lose focus, “get your eyes out of the ditch and back onto the road”. Eyes on the prize, always. Remember Love Wins.