BOLD PRAYERS have been on my mind these last few days. Daring to ask for something that is outside of your comfort zone. Stretching oneself to be able to receive more than is currently being allowed to receive.

Let’s break down a Bold Prayer.

Before making any Bold Prayer remember to KISS = Keep It Simple Sweety

Be big and bold in the ask but don’t complicate it with things like it has to come in this or that container, in this or that timeline, it has to look exactly like one thing or another. Allow for a power greater than you to already know what your desires are and to want to give those to you. Keep open to noticing when it comes in but doesn’t look exactly like you thought it should. All of this creates the space for you to be able to receive.

Here’s a BOLD PRAYER Formula:

First ~ Bold Desire
Second ~ Request (pray)
Third ~ Release (let the outcome go)
Fourth ~ Trust (and then trust some more)

It sounds so elementary and it is and it also isn’t. This paradox comes into existence because it requires a level of trust that we aren’t used to offering, which can slam into pre-existing beliefs. You need to let all that go and remember everytime you feel pulled off course “get your eyes out of the ditch and onto the road” refocus onto that Bold Prayer. Keep it simple by not letting anything but your trust and desire into your awareness. When something other than that comes in re-focus back to your desire. The only attention you pay what isn’t your desire is in recognizing it when it comes up. Then re-focusing “eyes out of the ditch and onto the road”.

Try it this week. Come up with a Big Bold Desire. Make it a BOLD PRAYER to whatever higher power you believe in.

Then look for the outcome of that prayer in your life. Pay attention to it coming in ways you might not expect. This creates more room for it to arrive.