If you’ve ever had more than a 30-minute conversation with me, you would likely find the topic gravitate to the subject of the divine feminine, our disconnection from our true selves, and how I feel we need to tap back into our inherent feminine power. This disconnection to ourselves reflects our disconnection to the sacred feminine aspect of creation, whether you call it Source, God, All That Is., Creator or whatever. Names aren’t important. The connection is.

If we aren’t connected to ourselves and to Source, it is as if we are going through life with one hand tied behind our back. Yes, we can function but not as well as if we had the use of both hands. As above so below, microcosms of the macrocosm, this disconnection wreaks havoc in our lives and in our world.

If we take that concept of microcosm/macrocosm and look into our bodies, we can see how deep that disconnection runs. Are you aware of the source of your feminine power? Did you know that your heart is not the only place in your body where your intuition lies?

As a woman, your power, your intuition, and your source of creation is in your womb, not just the physical organ but the energetic womb center. It doesn’t matter whether you have, no longer have, or never had a womb. If you were born into a female body you have a womb center and inherent (likely dormant) feminine power.

I am certain you are familiar with the power of your heart. It’s a source of love, intuition, and healing. Did you know the same is true of your womb? Did you know that there is an energetic pathway between your heart and your womb.? That when you combine and directly focus these two centers towards healings, manifestations, or intuitive guidance you are in possession of a powerful force that can not only benefit you but everyone on the planet?

I am passionate about this topic and helping others -¬ including YOU -¬ to tap into your power so you can live the life you have always desired.

For that reason, I’ve decided to practice generosity. In the spirit of ‘Pay it Forward’ I am going you share with you an activation that will connect your heart and womb. Once you are activated and have connected these centers, I ask that you practice and use this energy for your own growth and for the healing of the planet. Spreading our love is so necessary right now.

You don’t need to register, just show up with a spirit of willingness and curiosity. Here’s the time and the link.

Heart / Womb Activation
Friday, May 5th, 2017
11am MST

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