Your Feminine Power

Awaken Your Feminine Intuition 

  • Awaken to the inherent powers within you
  • Reconnect with your femininity, your passion, power, and purpose.
  • Increase your intuition and gain crystal clear clarity.
  • Trust yourself and hear your inner guidance
  • Let go of doubt, fears, and trust your intuition by learning to decipher the different types of intuition
  • Discover ways to gain clarity on mind chatter versus intuitive messages so you can start following your heart and less of what the ego tells you.

I entered this life with a deep knowing; carrying ancient wisdom, codes, and magic. My specialties lie in women’s mysteries, magic, shamanism, ascension processes, alchemy, coaching, and energy healing. I get divine downloads of wisdom and direction from source that enable me to see you on a soul level and know your true essence and the life you are meant to lead.

I teach you how to reconnect to your truest soul essence, hone in on the power of your feminine energy, and to reclaim and live your deepest desires for a life that is expressive, creative, and magical.