About Paula & The Forbidden Feminine

Hi! My name is Paula Jessop. I am a Mentor, Soul & Womb Alchemist, Actress, Author, and founder of The Forbidden Feminine.

The purpose of The Forbidden Feminine is to offer a haven for women and men who are seeking a luminous reunion with their inner feminine. A space full of ancient and new wisdom for those who long to realize the freedom and innate power they know they possess.

For centuries there has been wisdom and power kept hidden and denied to all but a select few. The foundation of this power comes from a woman’s womb; this is the mystery and secret of the ages. We are more powerful than ever imagined and that power originates inside of us. My souls purpose is to re-awaken that power inside of you. The Forbidden Feminine is for women who are ready to dig in deep to their inner goddess, to activate the magic that is their birthright, to bring out the magnetism, juiciness, and receptiveness that the feminine brings forth and to do this in a way this is powerful, fun and luscious.

With over 15 years of experience in many different healing modalities, I’ve spent decades with the masters and have fully embodied everything the divine feminine has asked me to receive. I make magic happen, ranging in everything from small subtle whispers of magic to bending time and space, to shimmering feminine sexual energy to draw others in.

I entered this life with a deep knowing; carrying ancient wisdom, codes, and magic. My specialties lie in women’s mysteries, magic, shamanism, ascension processes, alchemy, coaching, and energy healing. Magic is in my blood and bones and I come from a long magical ancestral lineage of Celtic and Cherokee Shamanism. I pull from my inherent wisdom as well as ancestral and past lives where I fully embodied the feminine as a priestess, healer, and leader. I get divine downloads of wisdom and direction from source that enable me to see you on a soul level and know your true essence and the life you are meant to lead. I carry the codes to activate your magical essence.

I believe in LOVE, luxury, travel, and beauty. I adore everything glamorous and think glamour should be spelled with a “u”. My fantasy dream job is being a cat burglar – an art and jewel thief. (I really need a diamond collection). I make wildcrafted elderberry jelly. I love elderflower anything, especially with bubbles. I love bubbles. I love to travel and am currently exploring the world as a digital nomad. I’ve written a book it’s entitled “Fable of Two Stars – A Twin Flame Love Story”. I’ve also been an actress in Los Angeles, New York, and a Magazine Editor.

I believe in the abundance of life and that spiritual treasures lie within you and your true self. The Forbidden Feminine will guide you along the purity of the divine, the power inherent in our inner darkness, and the sacredness of the lustier side of the goddess. I teach you how to reconnect to your truest soul essence, hone in on the power of your feminine sexual energy, and to reclaim and live your deepest desires for a life that is expressive, creative, and magical.

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