A couple of nights ago, a friend of mine awoke to the sound of popping. She lay in bed groggy, trying to figure out the source of the noise, only to became aware that it was the sound of fire. She got out of bed saw nothing around her and looked out the window and saw large flames engulfing the garages directly across the street from her. Deciding it best to stay inside she gathered her purse and emergency backpack next to her in case she needed to evacuate. I was stuck by her having an emergency backpack at the ready. She didn’t need to leave her home and no one was harmed in the fire, it was just a close call. As we spoke about her experience I began to think of her emergency backpack and how that could be a useful item in many different ways.

As you know I’ve been thinking a lot lately about ways I can offer to get you out of those funks when they hit. The ones that don’t seem to respond to all the old standbys. My friends’ situation illustrated this conundrum perfectly. What do we do when we find ourselves stuck, or in an unwanted situation feeling awful, needing relief, and none of our go-to tools are working?

This is where the teachings of the divine feminine and womb magic come in. One of the greatest tools we have is pleasure. Pleasure that delights us. Pleasure that gets us back into our body. Sensuality that pulls us back into our senses. Tactilely and emotionally feeling good.

You’ve likely heard the idea of having a pleasure basket beside your bed. A basket full of items for sensual play and pleasure, something that you can enjoy by yourself or with a partner. But an emergency pleasure basket now that is something I hadn’t thought of. A basket full of items that you know brings you pleasure, whether it be sexy, sensual, or good old fashioned silly fun.

I love the idea of having a pleasure basket filled full of items that will take your mind from the stress of whatever is unwanted in your life. Pleasure is a form of self-care and we need it like we need oxygen. It’s also the one thing that goes out the window when we are out of balance. An emergency pleasure basket should be full of different items that delight you. Make yourself one and make it beautiful. Fill it with items that delight all your senses, sight, sound, touch, taste and imagination. Keep it close and the next time you just can’t shake the doldrums try one of them or try all of them. You will be feeling better before you know it.

Because pleasure, my loves, is one of your super powers.
Here are some emergency pleasure basket ideas for you:

Electronic games – on your phone or Xbox etc
Stories that transport you out of yourself in the form of novels, movies, Netflix etc.
Favorite songs, and music.
Book of favorite poetry. Mine would be Rumi or e e cummings or Whitman or Shakespeare
Candles, sage, palo santo and or other incense for ambiance and to clear the etheric energies in your space.
Essential oils you love– Try uplifting citrus scents like orange and grapefruit or soothing scents like lavender.
Pieces of fabrics like silk, velvet, feathery or furry to trail on your skin and bring you back into your senses.
Bubbles to drink, blow into the air or sink your weary body into.
Bath salts to soak away muscle fatigue and mental strain.
Body washes, shampoos, lotions that make you feel as if you are in a luxury spa.
Personal massage tools for intimate massage and to roll out the kinks in your neck.
A coloring book and colored pencils, there are some lovely ones made for adults now.
A favorite child novelty game. Like a yoyo, or ball in hole dexterity game.
An audio book – it’s like a bedtime story for grown-ups.
A picture book of happy memories, places or things you would love to do.
Chocolate. Make sure to replenish this regularly. (wink)
Mad libs or a book of silly jokes, word games or crossword puzzles.
Squeezey face stress ball

Even if what you love won’t fit in your basket, write the name of that pleasure on a piece of paper and put that in the basket. The idea is to have several tried and true things readily available at your finger tips. The less you have to think and prepare the better.